Marbella Aortic Symposium - Disasters In Open and Endovascular Aortic Procedurees, Learning from Com
Bad results are often underreported in the literature and medical meetings. Nevertheless, it is when things go wrong when we are able to learn and avoid the same mistakes in the future. Sharing our individual knowledge can help us reduce our morbidity and mortality rates. In this meeting named " Disasters in open and endovascular procedures", we will analyze our bad results, critically (but constructively) reconsidering them from the indication, the planning, the technical procedure and the post-intervention point of view. Site: Fuerte Marbella For information, contact: Technnical Secretariat Viajes Villarreal, Málaga, Spain Phone: +34 952 44 55 86 Fax: +34 952 56 46 32 Email: or Additional information: http://www.MAS2011.COM

Marbella Aortic Symposium

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